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At Q2con, we have maintained a strategic focus on SAP media since 2006 and have worked diligently and closely with SAP to build the solution at Berlingske Media based on the SAP media industry solution.

We have used our expertise and experience from important media business projects to build an accelerated concept called Quick2Media. It is a template based on Scandinavian requirements that reduces risk and time without compromising on quality.

The unique Quick2Media approach allows us to set up customer prototypes on media's best practice subscription processes and single copy processes in a very short time, enabling our customers to adjust and validate their core processes swiftly and effortlessly.

Quick2Media is based on year-long experience on project managing large implementations and roll-outs, and the method is based on SAP project tools to which we have added our own layer on top.

To learn more about our Quick2Media approach and / or the SAP media industry solution, you are welcome to contact us at Quick2media and IS-Media

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Innovative alliance


For the first time ever, some of Denmark's most experienced best of breed consultants have joined forces...

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At Q2con, we aim at giving our customers and sparring partners the best tools, solutions and services available on the market.

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Strategic Partnership


Being a best of breed vendor means that we have chosen a concise and specific strategic focus for our value-adding services and solutions to the market

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